Trident Consulting. Tailored Advice.

Trident Consulting provides tailored financial advice to Irish based companies, pension scheme trustees and individuals.

Services include:

  • Pension advice
  • Actuarial advice
  • Retirement planning advice

Trident Consulting specialises in tailored Pension, Actuarial and retirement planning advice. Trident Consulting provides tailored and trust worthy advice.

For more information on the services that Trident Consulting can provide you with, please choose the appropriate tab or directly contact one of our team who will be glad to help you on your query.

Insurance Intermediary services provided by Trident Consulting to individuals are activities regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. CP116 disclosure: Remuneration disclosure CP116

The provision of other products or services does not require licensing, authorisation, or registration with the Central Bank of Ireland and, as a result, such other activities are not covered by the Central Bank’s requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

Trident Benefit Consulting Ltd t/a Trident Consulting, Pension Solutions is authorised as an investment business firm under Section 10 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended), to provide the services of an investment intermediary (Ref. No. C41467).