Differential benefits depending on marital status past their sell-by date?

The UK supreme court has backed a Northern Irish woman’s right to receive her late partner’s pension

A Coleraine woman who was refused payments from her former partner’s pension has won her battle to extend benefits automatically to those who are unmarried.

Her victory at the UK supreme court marks a significant extension of the rights of unmarried cohabitees. It brings the Northern Ireland public pensions scheme into line with changes already made in England, Wales and Scotland and could also advance the rights of millions of families across the UK seeking equal treatment for cohabiting couples in other areas such as the tax regime. The five justices said that the refusal to pay her the pension was unlawful.

Pension schemes in Ireland which provide different death benefits depending on marital status should review these provisions either with your existing advisors or with an independent advisor. Trident Consulting provides an independent audit/review service for pension scheme trustees. Email john@tridentconsulting.ie for information.

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